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meat general
working to stop factory farming and the export of live animals
strong meat: why he changed his view on eating meat
information on meat and health
charity providing information, NVQs and careers advice
representing and offering business support to small, independent butchers
representing independent butchers and meat retailers
promoting quality meat from British traditional breeds
meat cookery
over 11,000 meat recipes
beef recipes
lamb recipes
pork recipes
offal recipes
bangers and mash restaurant - from local suppliers, Oxford
all about BBQs, plus good information on making sausages
diagrams and photographs of different meat cuts
directory of squillions of spices
livestock slaughter
getting pigs slaughtered at a small abbatoir
representing small, independent abbatoirs
detailed info on animal slaughter
manual for the slaughter of small ruminants in developing countries
slaughterhouse cleaning and sanitation
guidelines for slaughtering, meat cutting and further processing
home slaughter of livestock: a guide to the law
slaughtering of livestock: welfare regulations
group working for the humane treatment of animals during transport and slaughter
the Welfare of Animals (Slaughter or Killing) Regulations 1995 - includes home slaughter
factfile on the slaughter of livestock
detailed info on the slaughter of cattle
information on food safety for butchers
article on butchering your own meat
step-by-step guide to butchering a lamb carcass
how to butcher a lamb
diagram of the various lamb cuts on a carcass
diagrams of the various beef, pork, lamb and goat cuts on a carcass
how to butcher a pig
information on slaughtering, butchering and preparingpigs
diagram of the various pork cuts on a carcass
cutting guide: fantastic resource - series of videos showing how to deal with various cuts of beef, lamb and pork
how to butcher a chicken
how to butcher cattle
category: cuts of meat - beef, lamb and pork, with links to more information about each cut
local butchers
interview with an independent butcher about his job
local butchers by county
county-by-county directory of family butchers
family butchers see sales rise after horsemeat scandal hits supermarkets
article: taking a stand to use your local butcher
find independent butchers by postcode
information, and listing of small craft butchers in Scotland
sausages & charcuterie
charcuterie recipes
sausage recipes
all about BBQs, plus good information on making sausages
how to make chorizo
how to set up a small sausage-making business - huge resource
charcuterie recipes
guide to salumi - the cured meats of Italy
Speck to Salami: a quick guide to cured meats
the art and practice of sausage-making
incredible list of recipes for possibly every type of sausage in the world
information on salamis and Italian cured meats (in English)
information and listing of small home-reared meat sausage shops in the UK - county by county
sausage-making FAQ
information on making gourmet sausages
free information and recipes for sausage-making
pdf course manual on safe practices for sausage production
dried meat
simple techniques for the production of dried meat
make your own biltong drier
how to make biltong
how to make biltong
15-page technical pdf on the preservation of dried meat products
how to make beef jerky