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Allotment Forestry
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network of small-scale UK charcoal producers
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1975 training manual from the International Labour Office
1980 book by A.R. Paddon & A.P. Harker
1986 book by A.R. Paddon
1980 book by W.D.J. Whitehead
free online book: Simple Technologies for Charcoal Making - slanted towards developing countries
making charcoal: the retort method
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have developed a plant to use the gases produced in charcoal burning to drive a turbine for heat and electricity
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the biochar debate
Biochar is charcoal used for carbon sequestration and soil improvement, but large-scale production will require an awful lot of land. Here are some pro- and anti- sites/articles, and you can find many more by searching online
biochar: a multitude of benefits
biochar: is the hype justified?
providing information about biochar production
list of biochar articles and research papers (all positive)
list of biochar articles (all negative)
147 small environmental organisations see large-scale biochar production as a threat to people, land and ecosystems
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