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  • Gasification: succeeding with small-scale systems

    Author: Andrew Rollinson | ISBN: 978-0-9549171-1-1

    A small-scale gasifier can provide electricity and motive power on demand using garden prunings and wood scraps. The technology, based on the principles of charcoal production, flourished 100 years ago until oil became cheap. Energy engineer Dr Andrew Rollinson explores the science, history, and potential of small-scale gasifiers, and provides instructions on how to operate one successfully. With dwindling fossil fuel reserves, increased energy prices, climate change and mountains of waste, this book provides a helping hand. It will be relevant to those who want to assess whether the technology is right for them, but also serves as a guide for the gasifier operator, explaining what can go wrong, why, and how to achieve long-term success.

    See the contents page here.

    Full colour, 170 pages, £12.95. 

    eBook available here

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