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    This online course contains a range of documents and videos by Sorrell Robbins, a leading natural health expert and founder of The Chamomile Clinic. The herbal medicine online course covers a huge range of herbs foraged from the wild and grown in the garden. You will learn how to gather them, store them, and of course use them, with lots of tips and inside information.

    Gathering herbs from the garden

    See here for an introduction to herbal remedies, and see the right-hand column for more resources.

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    Foraging lavender

    The course represents excellent value – there are over 200 minutes of videos to accompany pdf documents containing text and diagrams, plus an entire e-book, so that as well as reading about the processes, you can watch videos of exactly how it’s done.

    Herbal medicine online course tutor Sorrell Robbins


    Sorrell Robbins (BSc(Hons), MNIMH, MIFPA, MCAHyp, MABCH, MCNHC, PGCert Ed.) is a leading expert in natural health based in Margate. She founded The Chamomile Clinic, a thriving multi-disciplinary practice in London, in 2006. Sorrell has over 20 years experience in natural health with professional qualifications in Herbal Medicine, Advanced Hypnotherapy, Clinical Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Massage and Shamanic healing. She teaches natural health at all levels, from beginners to advanced postgraduate. Her clients include The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy, Learn-Direct, The Shoreditch Spa and The University of West London.

    Hawthorn berries


    1. About Sorrell Robbins (pdf)

    2. Meet your tutor (video)

    3. Introduction (pdf)

    4. Hot and cold infusions (video)

    5. Hot and cold infusions (pdf)

    6. Decoctions (video)

    7. Decoctions (pdf)

    8. Syrups (video)

    9. Syrups (pdf)


    10. Tinctures, glycerites and vinegar extracts (video)

    11. Tinctures, glycerites and vinegar extracts (pdf)

    12. Infused oils (video)

    13. Infused oils (pdf)

    14. Ointments (video)

    15. Ointments (pdf)

    16. Introduction to growing and foraging herbs (video)

    17. Introduction to growing and foraging herbs (pdf)

    Potting up Lemon verbena cuttings

    18. Herbs you can grow in your garden (video)

    19. Herbs you can grow in your garden (pdf)

    20. Foraging herbs (video)

    21. Foraging herbs (pdf)

    22. Gardening, gathering, drying and storing (video)

    23. Gardening, gathering, drying and storing (pdf)

    24. Powders (video)

    25. Powders (pdf)

    Making aromatic rosewater in the herbal medicine online course

    26. Aromatic waters (video)

    27. Aromatic waters (pdf)

    28. Edibles Part 1 (video)

    29. Edibles – Part 1 (pdf)

    30. Edibles Part 2 (video)

    31. Edibles – Part 2 (pdf)

    Distillation in action

    32. Distillation (video)

    33. Distillation (pdf)

    34. Conclusion (video)

    35. Conclusion (pdf)

    36. Herbal remedies – how to make, use & grow them (2nd edition) by Sorrell Robbins, published by Lowimpact.org (pdf e-book)

    Herbal gummy sweets in the herbal medicine online course

    Thanks to Sorrell Robbins and  Plant Spirit Medicine Woman

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