Dil Green

Covid-19 Mutual Aid Groups should look to Mutual Credit for economic resilience

Posted Mar 22 2020 by Dil Green of
Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK

This is the second in a series of articles this week about how mutual credit can help us get through the economic problems caused by the corona virus. The main points to get across are:

  1. There’s going to be a shortage of money.
  2. Mutual credit is a moneyless trading system.

That’s it! Mutual credit can help local economies survive when there’s no money around. Read more …

Dil Green

Moving towards post-capitalism, or: why I’m working on mutual credit

Posted May 5 2019 by Dil Green of
Solidarity economic zone in a world post-capitalism

Looking ahead to a future post-capitalism, Dil Green of shares how and why he’s working on mutual credit as one of its core pillars.

This piece was originally published on the blog ‘Digital Anthropology‘.
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Dil Green

A ‘Transcender Manifesto’ for a world beyond capitalism

Posted Mar 17 2019 by Dil Green of
Butterflies emerging: illustration for a Transcender Manifesto

This piece was originally published on the blog ‘Digital Anthropology‘.

If this makes sense to you, you may well be working along these lines already – I hope it is encouraging. If it inspires you, then seek out others who feel the same, and rewrite it together. Make it yours. Make it specific. Publish it. Act on it. Forge relations with other groups. Federate and interact across the world.

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Dil Green

How do we build a new, non-extractive economy? Dil Green of

Posted Feb 3 2019 by Dil Green of
Dil Green discusses how we can build a new non-extractive economy with Dave Darby

Today I’m talking with Dil Green, who is a member of the co-op. He used to be an architect, and was a founder member of Brixton LETS, and is now on the team of the UK Mutual Credit Network. We’ll be talking about how mutual credit and the viable system model can be used to build a new non-extractive economy.

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Dil Green

We’re launching a national mutual credit scheme and here’s why we’d like you to join

Posted Oct 28 2018 by Dil Green of
Could your small business be part of a national mutual credit network?

We’re working with other groups, including, the Credit Commons Collective and author Tom Greco to build a UK-wide mutual credit network. Read more …

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