Cormac Stanton

How to make a pair of bellows: a step by step guide with Kormak the Carter

Posted Jul 6 2017 by Cormac Stanton of Manaraefan Herred
Re-enacters Kormak and Mo hard at work using handmade bellows at their forge

In this post we learn from Cormac Stanton how to construct a pair of working bellows, be they for the fireplace or the forge. A member of the Manaraefan Herred Dark Age and Early Medieval re-enactment group, as Kormak the Carter he works alongside blacksmith Mo Swinhosson. Both are described as highly competent early medieval technicians and can fix almost anything, especially if you can hit it with a hammer! It’s over to Cormac from here with his step by step guide. Read more …

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