Vermiculture (worms) info articles

This section will develop into a compendium of technical information on this topic - please let us know if you have information to contribute, and we will acknowledge you.

Making a wooden or plastic box wormery

DIY wormery design - how to make a simple wormery from wooden or plastic boxes

This web page gives detailed instructions for making a wormery using either wooden or plastic boxes.  There are many ways of making wormeries – this design uses gravel in the bottom layer to aid drainage – this will probably help to prevent the drain tap from blocking too.

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Simplest DIY wormery

simple DIY wormery

This article and video show how to make the simplest possible type of home-made wormery – it just uses one plastic box and a couple of bricks/wooden blocks. Read more …

Making a DIY wormery out of scrap materials

Making a wormery from old plastic recycling boxes

This video shows a method of making a wormery using 3 old recycling boxes.

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