Diggers and Dreamers Communities Directory is back with a 25th anniversary edition

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Posted Dec 24 2015 by James Dennis of Diggers & Dreamers

This is the publication that inspired me to visit intentional communities, eventually join one – Redfield Community in Buckinghamshire, where Lowimpact.org was founded. It’s a handy directory of communities / communes / co-operative living in the UK and elsewhere, together with a collection of insightful articles. Highly recommended – Dave.

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Yes, for a quarter of a century Diggers and Dreamers has covered the ups and downs of those in the UK who have chosen this different way of life. Once again there’s a handy directory of UK communities that you can pop in your backpack.



In this 25th Anniversary Edition we have our usual mix of articles kindly contributed by some of those at the heart of the communal living scene in the UK, not to mention hearing all about the iconic Christiania community in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The main change is that now it’s in full colour!  We have chosen to celebrate some of those that didn’t quite get off the starting block as well as looking ahead to see what steps are being taken to keep these valuable housing assets slipping back into the mainstream markets.

We take a look at how a new co-operative town was planned; hear how we might, or might not, survive a collapse of society; ask ‘what would a new UK eco-village look like?’; and explore how not to lose your housing co-op. Once you’ve had the dream of living communally you may need a bit of guidance so we finish off by giving you some pointers on becoming a member of an existing community.

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Come along and join the kaleidoscope of people who have set out on the communal road.

Come and join us, digging and dreaming. Communal living is here to stay!

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