Antithesis Co. Ltd 12A Market Place Blue Anchor Lane London SE16 3UQ
25-31 Blue Anchor Lane London SE16 3UL GB

Antithesis is the brainchild of London College of Fashion alumnae Renée Lacroix and Zahra Ash-Harper. We are a slow fashion label breaking away from the fashion mainstream by creating garments that are versatile, practical as well as physically and emotionally durable.

Taking inspiration from the powerful 21st century women who uphold frantic work/social lives, we want to help them make the transition between day and night, work and leisure, casual and formal. We cherish individuality and wish to challenge our audience to get creative with the styling of their wardrobes and discovering new ways of wearing their garments. Our multi-functional pieces aim at contributing to a new consumerism philosophy advocating quality over quantity.

Antithesis is proud to be part of the Ethical Fashion Forum’s Fellowship 500, chosen as one of 10 sustainable fashion pioneers for our design excellence. Antithesis is driven to offer innovative, thoughtfully designed garments which support our customers and our collections are lovingly produced entirely in UK, using the highest quality fabrics. Our new collections provide additional modular accessories to existing pieces for alternative looks, encouraging customers to update their wardrobe without great cost to themselves or the environment.


We aim to source our materials as local as possible. We buy UK-made materials whenever possible and source the rest from neighbouring countries such as France, Italy and Switzerland. As a start-up brand, we do not have the capacity to reach minimums for production so we often buy end of rolls and dead-stock fabrics.



All our products are manufactured in the UK. We work with two factories based in London which we visit frequently. When choosing a manufacturer, we opt for factories employing highly-skilled machinists and offering good living wages and safe working conditions.



We aim to have a supply chain that is as transparent as possible. We like trading directly from their suppliers: it helps us knowing where our materials come from and in which conditions they were made.



We design our garments to be versatile and practical. For example, all our garments contain pockets. We believe garments should be designed with as much consideration as any other products and that ultimately, multi-functional clothing will help fight over-consumption.



Our garments are developed without regard to seasons or trends, meaning they can be worn all year round and will not feel outdated within a few years. Made from high-quality fabric & trims, they are made to last, on both a physical and an emotional level.

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