Backcountry Survival

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Alvie Estate, Kincraig, Kingussie, UK

The name Backcountry Survival (BCS) sums up what we do perfectly – we love to get into the more remote places and teach skills for living in an area for a prolonged length of time, making use of the materials and natural resources around us. Our wilderness survival courses in Scotland aim to offer everyone a challenging but rewarding experience – whatever skill-level or experience.


Our aim is to get our clients travelling and navigating through a wide range of terrain in a safe and environmentally sensitive way. We are immensely proud of the Cairngorm National Park and Scotland as a whole, which is how Backcountry came to be. We are a young company, setup at the start of 2010, within 5 years we have built a reputation of delivering solid, interesting, exciting but most importantly, relevant survival courses that can be implemented in a wide range of scenarios.


Backcountry Survival is different from other Survival companies, our clients have the opportunity to learn survival skills relevant to any environment and in an environmentally sensitive way – woodland, moorland, mountain, river, loch and sea. Our bushcraft and survival courses also complement a variety of outdoor activities such as hill walking, trekking, sea kayak trips, cross country skiing and so on, as they provide key survival and navigational techniques that would benefit anyone spending time in a diverse wilderness environment.


Whether you’re making plans for your next expedition and need survival trainingguidance on equipment or advice, or indeed are interested in how to cope competently and confidently in any extreme environment, then you’ve come to the right company – we are knowledgeable, experienced, qualified.