Bearded Pig Forge

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Birchington, UK
229 Canterbury Road England CT7 9TB GB

Bearded pig forge was started in early 2016 with a desire to promote the wonderful world of blacksmithing, so after a few years of learning the craft and developing my style I decided to start as a business.
I have a range of products with a love of tool making, I am open to commissions and orders.

Basic blacksmithing course

A basic course is a great way to learn about the amazing craft of blacksmithing, the course will teach you the basics of forging and making decorative work for your home or garden and you will have something you have made to take home with you and enjoy.
When booking the course we will talk about what you want to make so I can make sure the day is tailored to you and your interests within the craft.

Having a long-standing interest in the history and craft of blacksmithing, I decided to pursue it as a career full time after doing a basic course with Ross Berry at Kaos Blacksmiths. This gave me the foundation to be able to develop my skills and I quickly got my own forge and anvil, getting to work making both the items I had been taught and practicing developing my own style. Over several years now I have continued to develop these methods and teach myself more about this fascinating craft, expanding my knowledge and practical skills, including branching into mixed medium work such as the knives I produce.
​ I work from a good sized shop that is 4m X 7m based in Quex park in Birchington, I am happy to say I now own more tools and equipment and have begun on bigger projects and demonstrating the craft at shows in Kent, including the Chatham Festival of Steam and transport.