Bobcat Alpacas

Bonaly Road Edinburgh EH13 0PB
65/3 Bonaly Road Scotland EH13 0PB GB

Our Vision

Our aim is to establish and run a premier quality alpaca farm with an emphasis on producing high quality fleece.

We will strive to achieve this by careful selection of our initial stock, and paying attention to genetic traits when selecting breeding partners.

Our primary concern is for our animals.  We want to provide them with the best care and conditions that we can in order that they have a happy and comfortable life with us.

Our Background

We are fairly new to this work!

A new career direction being undertaken when Bob retired from the Civil Service.

We are “learning on the job”.
Prior to this momentous decision, our “animal family” was restricted to a number of pet rabbits.

Our Planned Direction

Our core business is caring for and breeding our alpacas, and the annual harvest and processing of their fleece.
Additionally, our plan is to offer a number of other activities featuring the alpacas.

Flock Guarding



Farm Visits



You will find details of these Activities on our site as they become available.