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Book your free survey now and get paid for generating your own electricity!

Why have Solar PV?

  • To produce your own electricity for life
  • To considerably reduce your electric bill
  • To reduce your heating bill
  • To benefit from the governments feed-in tariff for 20 years
  • To improve your properties energy efficiency rating (EPC)
  • To lower your properties carbon footprint
  • To produce electricity during a power cut
1. Get Paid to Produce Energy

Your energy surveyor will calculate the amount of electricity (in Kwh) that your solar panels will generate each year. Your energy provider will pay you 13.88p for every Kwh that you generate.

2. Get Paid for Electricty You Don’t Use

Your energy supplier assumes that you will only use 50% of the electricity you generate and will pay you for the remaining 50% that you don’t use at a rate of 4.77p per Kwh.

3. Reduce Your Energy Bills

You are also benefiting by using the remaining 50% of electricity your solar panels are generating. Since you no longer have to buy 50% of your electricity you save money on your bill.

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