Chris Johnstone


I weave together five themes:


For Resilience and Positive Change

I am a coach, author and trainer with over 30 years experience in helping people bring positive change into their lives and the world. My first book ‘Find Your Power – a toolkit for resilience and positive change’ presents strategies and insights that help us in the journey of making things different. My more recent book, Active Hope, co-authored with Joanna Macy, describes how to strengthen our capacity to respond to planetary crisis. I offer personalcoaching, run a range of courses and have now developed a distance-learning programme.


Positive Psychology

Putting scientific method behind the promotion of happiness, cultivation of strengths and flourishing of people, positive psychology points us towards a more satisfying way of life. I co-produced The Happiness Training Plan, a self-help audio CD based on the positive psychology approach, set up the Bristol Happiness Lectures and run courses on positive psychology. I see our approach to happiness as a key shift point in the transition to a more sustainable way of life.


Holistic Perspectives

A revolution is happening in the way we look at the world, where old assumptions are being challenged and breakthroughs occurring as a result. My writingand courses introduce holistic concepts like Gaia Theory, Mind Body Medicine and The Butterfly Effect, showing how these offer a new way of thinking about ourselves and our abilities.


Human Ecology

Human ecology looks at our relationships with the people, communities and world around us. When we experience feelings of connectedness, this can nourish and inspire us, as well as deepen our sense of personal power. I’m particularly interested in how strengthening our feeling of connection with the world can enhance our motivation and capacity to address issues like climate change, peak oil and social injustice. See writing, courses, audio/video andThe Great Turning for more on this.


Beautiful Music

As a musician, I’m known for my hammered dulcimer and harmonica playing. I’ve performed at Glastonbury Festival, recorded with Roni Size, supported Jamie Cullum and played live with Steve Winwood. I’ve also written music for television.
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