Coin Academy

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A Definitive Learning Resource

We’re all here to learn. Digital currencies challenge our ideas, definitions and practices of money on so many different levels. Even the experts often feel overwhelmed by the new world they have created, and spend much of their time learning from each other just to keep up.

Coin Academy grew out of our own search for the best educational resources available on digital currencies. We saw some we liked, a lot we didn’t like, and we saw where there was room for improvement. Like many emerging areas of technology, the first explanatory materials produce tend to the technical and are often dense and hard to understand. We went everywhere in this search, and the search itself was a bit exhausting! We quickly discovered that there was no single place people could go to find quality educational resources covering the world of digital currencies.  Many of the resources were focused on a single currency and often has a strong evangelical tone, rather than a dispassionate, professional analysis. When we just wanted to know the basics, we found that we had to know a lot about computers, about computer security, encryption and many details which, although important, are really too much information for someone trying to make an initial evaluation of whether the time was right for them to participate in this new paradigm.

As a result of this personal search, Coin Academy was born. We set out to create a quality site that was coin agnostic, that was professional and objective in tone, and that separated the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Moreover, we want to add into that mix quality reviews, good explanations, and an opportunity for questions and answers to help break through the confusion and misunderstanding surrounding Bitcoin and digital currencies. We want Coin Academy to be the first step that anyone looking to enter the world of digital currencies should take. We want to make it easier for everyone to understand, and hopefully to start using these currencies for the many advantages that you will learn about in the Coin Academy courses.

So the teachers are also students, and we learn by teaching. Join us as a fellow student, and teach wherever you can!