Community-supported Agriculture Network

Oxford, UK
1-5 High Street Oxford OX1 4AB GB

We are a cooperative membership organisation that brings together CSA farms to connect, exchange their skills and knowledge and promote a fairer, more transparent model of food production, where the risks and rewards are shared.

What do we do?

We provide a national platform to promote CSA and map farms, enabling us to track the growth of the CSA movement in the UK.
We give support and advice to CSA farms through events, networking, sharing experiences, skills and expertise.
We provide information, resources, training and mentoring to individuals and communities wanting to start a CSA farm.
We aim to raise public awareness of CSA and encourage policymakers to recognise its benefits.

Our structure

We are a multi-stakeholder co-operative, owned and controlled by CSA farms, working together to share the food system from the bottom up. In addition, we are supported by individuals and organisations who share our vision of new relationship between farmers and consumers based on mutual trust and openness.

Our board is made up of representatives from CSA farms and supportive organisations.

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