David Thorpe


David Thorpe (left) at the Hay Literature Festival with Jane Davidson, Saci Lloyd and George Marshall.

David, above left, at the Hay Literature Festival with Jane Davidson, Saci Lloyd and George Marshall.

David is a valued author, journalist, consultant, workshop leader and inspirational speaker in the fields of carbon-free energy, energy efficiency and sustainability. He is a strategic thinker who uses his detailed knowledge of environmental technologies, science and initiatives at all levels, from individuals to cities, in order to show organisations and businesses how they can benefit from positive change. His most recent work is a Discussion Paper on the role of gas in mega-cities in 2050 for the International Gas Union.
David is a Patron of the One Planet Council, was for two years a Special Consultant on Sustainable Cities Collective (see below) and, prior to that, was for 13 years news editor of Energy and Environmental Management magazine. He is the author of several books and thousands of articles on these subjects.
He has excellent written and verbal communication skills and a flair for interpreting complex information so that lay readers can understand it. He is adept at many skills relevant to publishing and editorial production, social media marketing, presentations, training, graphic design, web development and video production. He has designed and supervised the building of his own passive solar, zero-carbon studio.

The books include:

David Thorpe's  Energy Management in BuildingsEvery day for years he has researched and written articles about sustainability, keeping up to date with world-wide developments and legislation. He believes passionately that the world already has the means and technology to move to sustainability. The best examples need more emulation, legal support, educating about them and an upskilling of the labour force to provide the skills required.

He accepts commissions for articles and books, and is available as a consultant, as a conference speaker and as a workshop leader, on the following topics:

  • one planet living and sustainable communities;
  • environmental building and refurbishment;
  • sustainable development and sustainable business opportunities;
  • climate change and meeting its challenges;
  • renewable energy/low carbon technologies such as solar, wind, hydro, biofuels, etc.;
  • eco-minimalism – making more from less – and improving quality of life.

He works from this eco-garden studio, which he designed based upon research for his books, where he is currently working on new editions of the Solar Energy and the Passive Solar Architecture Pocket Reference books for the International Solar Energy Society, and a new novel.

A talk on how to make cities more sustainable by David Thorpe in Cardiff:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8vKFpSByMY%5D