Demand Energy Equality

The Old Library, Trinity Road, Old Market, Bristol BS2 0NW
Trinity Road Bristol England GB

Increasing energy literacy
Reducing energy demand
Working with others to ensure equality of energy access

We run DIY Solar PV and Introduction to Off-Grid courses in London and Bristol in order to give people practical experience of learning about energy, backed by our expertise in understanding energy systems and future challenges.

We work with groups in Bristol and London to provide public opportunities to attend workshops, including the Bristol Drugs Project, and are interested in meeting and collaborating with organisations that work with communities, campaigners and others at the grass-roots to extend access to learning and tools to take action on energy and fuel poverty issues.

We provide free online resources to build DIY solar and off-grid systems, and to run workshops teaching others.

We can provide the necessary materials and components through our online shop – or via direct contact at [email protected].