Earth Ways

Armadale, Isle of Skye, Scotland
A851 Scotland IV45 8RQ GB

Stitched PanoramaEarth Ways specialises in teaching you how and helping you to design and create your own vibrant, thriving, highly productive natural ecosystem and edible landscape. Any size of project is considered, from urban terraces and rooftops to large farms and estates. Permaculture design, forest gardening, ethical tree care, invasive species control and organic growing principles are all used to transform conventional landscapes into rich, self-regulating habitats – natural havens that nurture and sustain people and wildlife alike.

FarmOnce established, a natural ecosystem will be low in impact, maintenance and cost yet resilient, self-organising, and very adaptable. Best of all, once mature the greatest task will be gathering the abundant harvests!
Far from just an aesthetic indulgence, Earth Ways’ natural and edible landscapes are an important investment for a sustainable and self-reliant future. To be able to produce significant amounts of both one’s own food and bio-fuel is an invaluable form of insurance against the uncertain environmental, economic and social times we live in.

We have recently taken ownership of a piece of paradise on the Isle of Skye. We’re working hard turning this place into a top quality teaching venue. More info will follow.