The Old Battery House, Alston, Cumbria, UK
Front Street Alston CA9 3QH GB

Eldorhog is the brand name for extra special slow grown rare breed Mangalitsa pork.

The Old Battery House farm has specialised in rearing rare breed Mangalitsa pigs, selectively breeding and rearing a herd of 50 pigs in the last 4 years.

We are a small family run business who takes pride in farming using traditional methods.

All our pigs are fed NON-GM feed and are free range spending most of their time quietly grazing on our upland Cumbrian green pasture.

 At the Old Battery House our number one priority is animal welfare producing happy and friendly pigs who are matured up 20 months.

 What makes this product so special is the history of the Mangalitsa these pigs were originally bred in Europe exclusively for the royal families and traded on the Vienna stock exchange along side gold.

The Mangalitsa pork meat is like no other in that  the meat is a dark ruby red with a very high heathy fat content ideal for the production of Parma hams, chorizo sausage and dry cured meats.