Ethical Angora

Wales, UK
Unnamed Road Wales SA20 GB

Angora is the beautifully soft and very warm yarn from special rabbits.

Our Angora only comes from our own rabbits, so we know they are well cared for, treated with kindness and in no way harmed when we shear them for the wool.

Our small farm in the heart of Wales runs on renewable energy (heating, electric & water) and our rabbits enjoy natural diets with plenty of space and outdoor grass runs for fine days.

This is what Ethical Angora means to us.

Our rabbits are shorn – not plucked – approximately every 3 months, we don’t use a board or strap them down, just a small table so they cannot hop too far. It usually takes two of us to do their tummies. They soon become used to it and relaxed with our handling. This is labour intensive and not the most productive method which is why we have to charge premium prices, but it is, in our opinion, the kindest.

We blend the fibre with local sheep wool with a high angora content to ensure it has a lovely warm, soft feel.

Our aim is to raise rabbit welfare standards without polluting the planet and highlight the difference between cheap imported Angora and British ethical Angora.

We now produce luxury yarns and garments from our zero carbon farm in Wales.