Forage Fine Foods

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Walterstone, Hereford, UK
1 Crossways Cottages Walterstone England HR2 0DX GB

Forage Fine Foods is a little food business set on top of a hill in the gorgeous Black Mountains. From our kitchen window we look out onto heather, wild thyme and whimberries on the mountain tops, lanes billowing with meadowsweet, hogweed and cherry blossom. Meadows run riot with sorrel, clover and cleavers, and hedgerows are full of honeysuckle, hawthorn, elder and hazel. It’s almost impossible to not find something to eat around here & for thousands of years the good people of this wonderful land have picked, eaten and thrived on the inspirational larder that sits outside of every ones front doors.

We’re on a bit of a mission to rekindle a love affair with the taste of the wild and have  turned the flavours we love the most into a range of seasonings and condiments we think will win your hearts & get you start on your own foraging journey.

To help you on your wild way, we run foraging courses & wild feasts throughout the year –  sign up to our newsletter to find out when the next feast is coming – it’s a delicious education!

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