Gently Handcrafted

Office: 1 The Claytons, Bridstow Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire England HR9 6QD
3 Claytons Bridstow England HR9 6QD GB

We are passionate about people, organics and our shared planet.

 At Gently Handcrafted we believe that we all deserve natural, earth friendly products.

 We started this soapy journey back in 2011 following a major public health scare concerning the use of cheap synthetic ingredients in cosmetics.  We decided to take a small piece of control back and start making a few of our own cosmetic products using only natural and gentle ingredients.  People liked what we were doing and we began by selling soaps to friends and family and then friends of friends.

Right from the start we saw a need for a range of artisan soaps that match; natural quality, sustainability, beauty, personal ethics and fun too.  So, we created a range of soaps based around aromatherapy themes, as well as a number of unique and quirky illustrations that compliment each of the soaps’ themes.  Our aim was to bring a smile to people’s faces when they use our products; we hope we have succeeded.

We feel privileged to have had the opportunity (and a lot of fun) creating; a natural range of products, a new ethical company (see our ethos) and brand, a quirky range of labels, as well as a number of earth friendly production processes.  We take the greatest care to make sure we are able to feel good about what we make, so you can feel good about what you are using!

Martin & Monica Neicho

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