Hulme Community Garden Centre

28 Old Birley Street, Hulme, Manchester M15 5RG, UK
10 Old Birley Street Manchester M15 5RG GB

The seeds of Hulme Community Garden centre were planted in 1999 by 3 local residents who had a vision of providing the slowly regenerating Hulme with a public green space, and to encourage healthy living through gardening and food growing. The fractured community would have a focal point and somewhere to experience and learn about plants and the natural world. Site work started in the Spring of 2000 and, as it is now, all work was done by hand and with found and donated materials. With the concept of sustainability and recycling underpinning everything we do, the garden centre and community gardens arose from a scrubby wasteland and, more recently, a disused car-park. As a not-for –profit organisation, profit from sales are driven back into the project in a constant effort to improve the services we offer the local and greater community. Cutting edge building practices are employed in an effort to create as little environmental impact as possible. Volunteers have been integral from day one in the construction and maintenance of Hulme Community Garden Centre and they continue to be at the heart of everything we do. And in turn we provide somewhere people can learn about horticulture and, for some, use as therapy and rehabilitation. We are also a safe and nurturing environment for those of us with varying degrees of mental and learning disabilities. Now an established part of Hulme we are continuing to grow and expand, always with the same intrinsic ideals that were there from the beginning. We are here to inspire, educate and heal, and of course offer a huge range of plants for sale throughout the year. Our public gardens are alive with birds and insects who appreciate our strict chemical free practices, and the several annual events we hold get bigger and better every year. Funding from a variety of sources helps to make all of this possible, our goal is to become self sufficient but we still have a way to go! Any donations large or small are always welcome and will help secure our future and continued expansion.


28th NOVEMBER 2015 9.30am to 4.30pm

An interactive and practical day exploring the basic principles of ‘Forest Gardening’ – a forest you can eat! Discover the secrets to creating productive, diverse and self-sustaining organic gardens modelled on a natural woodland edge. Learn the design process that can be applied to any space to develop a low maintenance edible ecosystem that will suit your needs and be of benefit to the environment. Please dress for the weather as we will be spending time in our existing woodland area and planting interesting and unusual edible perennials in the newly laid out forest garden.

£25, £12 concessions