Lammas Earth Centre

Glandwr, Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom
Unnamed Road Wales SA34 0XY GB

We as a humanity have ONE planet, our rich and beautiful Earth, yet our western society leads a lifestyle that would require THREE planets to sustain. Never in our history have we lived so separated from Mother nature: Her changing climate, chaotic weather patterns, alarming species collapse and resource depletion happening at an unprecedented rate is testimony to this separation. It is easy to see that we need to change our approach to life, the way we relate to living needs to evolve. How we think, feel, act and consume needs serious review. A few years ago, Wales developed a revolutionary planning policy – One Planet Development (OPD) – which allows people to live and build in the open countryside as long as they meet the requirements of natural building, sustainable living and create land-based livelihoods. The thought of living independently and in harmony with nature resonates deeply with more and more people. We realise we need to change but the question quite often is how? Is it even possible? What are the steps? What might a more earth-conscious lifestyle feel like? Which skills are necessary? Where do I start? Can I keep my washing machine?!

The Lammas Earth Centre is dedicated to inspire, guide and support people from all walks of life in making the transition to living more lovingly with our earth. We aim to address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of our time, to foster and encourage a gentle evolution in consciousness, to help serve humanity in making the much needed transition. We have created a three fold path incorporating One planet living, One planet healing, One planet being.

One Planet Living aims to address the physical skills needed in terms of natural building technologies, land connection and management, animal relationship and care, micro land-based businesses, practical hand-crafting skills, off-grid living, water preservation and respect.
One Planet Healing aims to address the emotional and mental realms in terms of challenging limiting beliefs and making peace with past stories so present moment awareness can be experienced and lived… Non violent Communication, The Way of Council, Journeywork, Creative Expression.
One Planet Being aims to invoke an awareness of the Divine in all of life. Reconnecting to the sacred Mystery by Being in Nature in silent contemplation, through being conscious in prayer and intention, and in sharing sacred ceremony and devotional non-denominational music in the recognition that we are all One… Every single path to The Divine is welcome and respected. We encourage a sharing of unfolding realisations, deep earth connection and communication in heart-centred awareness.