Lithic Fire

3 St. Cuthbert's Cottages, Cornhill on Tweed, Northumberland, TD12 4UP
2 Saint Cuthberts Cottages TD12 4UP GB

Lithic Fire is inspired by the people who lived in Northumberland 3500 years ago, the Neolithic people. They camped beside the banks of the Rivers Tweed and Till where they caught salmon and hunted wild animals in the now unimaginable wilderness that surrounded them.

They made their own stone tools to build shelter and prepare their food. They may have made a simple ring of stones to contain a fire on which to cook and take comfort from under a canopy of stars.

Stone and fire combined. Thus was born the idea for Lithic Fire.

Lithic Fire aims to inspire modern people to experience something of the way that our ancestors lived all those years ago.

You too can get together to cook and eat and, as the sun dips below the horizon, those same stars will appear and inspire wonder. Look into the growing dark beyond the light cast by the firepit and imagine…

Lithic Fire is a trading name of Gaia Wildlife Gardens Ltd, a Social Enterprise incorporated in England in 2012. The Directors, Ivor Scott and Eve Studd, have between them more than 30 years of experience in traditional stonework and horticulture. With this heritage we know what works in a garden. We also enjoy outdoor cooking in our own garden!

Lithic Fire aims to bring together the best traditional skills and modern elegant design to provide the finest outdoor living products for you to enjoy.