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Lumoi Jewellery provides and eclectic mix of handmade jewellery made from recycled fine silver and resued/upcycled materials. Our studio is situated in North East London on the edge of the city sandwiched between Epping Forest & the hustle & bustle of the East End.

“I believe all materials hold value. I believe nothing should go to waste. I believe beautiful things don’t need to cost the earth. I believe sustainability isn’t just another trend; being resourceful is vital for our future.”

Core Values

Positive change – leading the way in sustainable fashion, inspiring positive change
Sustainability & Compassion – we’re guided by environmental sustainability with compassion for all life
Integrity – working with transparency, not compromising the truth
Unity – uniting with all to maintain the balance on earth

About Lu

Lu was born in Highgate, London. At the age of 6 her family moved to a quaint town in Essex where she grew up surrounded by the beautiful English Countryside.

Lu has worked in the jewellery industry for 13 years. She started her career as a buyers assistant on the jewellery desk for a TV shopping channel. This fuelled her passion for jewellery and allowed her to work with a wide range of designs from the UK and abroad, visiting many of the UK based jewellery shows and the Vincenza Jewellery show in Italy. Lu went on to London’s jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden where she then worked for a major Diamond and Gold importers.

Lu started making jewellery as a hobby. After a couple of years, her hobby became a full time passion.

In January 2008, Lumoi was born.

Our Materials

Precious Metal Clay (PMC) – is a wonderful material that has great eco-credentials! PMC is made from finely ground pure silver particles that have been recycled & reclaimed from scraps, x-ray and film plates. The particles are mixed together with an organic binder to form a clay like material. The ‘clay’ can be shaped and molded by hand and interesting textures and shapes can be made with the use of hand tools. Once dried PMC can be fired in a kiln or with a hand torch. Here’s where the magic happens; during the firing process the organic binder holding the silver particles together burns away, fusing the silver (sintering), leaving a solid piece of .999 pure silver. nce cooled the piece of jewellery is burnished by hand and polished in a tumbler to add shine and strength. One of the best things about PMC for us (and you) is it’s low impact on the environment. PMC Jewellery is .999 pure silver.

Up-cycled Materials – Our Up-cycled materials range from plastics to silvers and sometimes golds! Because we work with Up-cycled materials some imperfections can be expected e.g minor scuffs. We inspect and clean all Up-cycled materials sent into us to ensure you receive the finest piece of Up-cycled jewellery.

Fine Silver Our fine silver is recycled & reclaimed from scraps, x-ray and film plates. Fine Silver is 99.9% pure silver & carries a .999 fineness mark & hallmark from The Assay Office. Because Fine silver is so pure it’s a softer metal than Sterling silver so particular care should be taken when wearing this fine metal.

Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure silver & carries a .925 fineness mark & hallmark from The Assay Office. As of March 2013 Eco-Silver became available to us! Now all of the Sterling Silver wire we use in our work is eco-friendly having been recycled from scrap silver.

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