McGregor Polytunnels

Winton Farm Petersfield Road Ropley Hants SO24 0HB, UK

At McGregor Polytunnels we use leading-edge technologies to manufacture buildings that create the right internal environment for a huge range of applications and exciting external environments.
We are a family run business based in and manufacturing from the UK with an unrivalled knowledge of the design and manufacture of curved roofed structures. We are committed to utilising our expertise to constantly innovate and improve our designs and manufacturing techniques.


We specialise in the design of a range of polytunnels for a broad range of industries. We have continually innovated creating the right environments for uses as diverse as poultry, horticulture and aircraft hangars. We have always created bespoke polytunnels where required. We are experts in creating and manufacturing new and innovative designs.


We have manufactured polytunnels from our factory in Hampshire since 1978. During this time we have been continually improving our manufacturing processes and techniques and have reached a very high standard. We have also continually invested in new machinery to ensure that our facilities are second to none. This is reflected in the very high standard of manufacture of our buildings.


Our project management experience on large scale developments is excellent. We have recently designed, manufactured and constructed fourteen polytunnel type buildings for the 2012 Olympics. This construction was successfully carried out  to the highest safety standard, tight timescales and world class finished standards.

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