Nature Wisdom

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Dartmoor, UK
Unnamed Road England PL20 6TT GB

Nature-based Soul Initiation & Cultural Healing Practices

As someone deeply immersed in soul tracking, who is continuously humbled by nature, I have a wish to offer a range of practices and ways of working that support cultural healing as well as individual, soul-based initiation. This work is rooted in the earth and held by the land. Nature and Mystery are the container.

My name is Rebecca and I wholeheartedly invite you on a pilgrimage of the soul to find home. My experience tells me the soul’s home is in wild nature and its longing is to re-kindle this innate connection.  This work is about stoking the ancestral fires in order to uncover the lost parts of ourselves. Take my hand, we’ll journey together…….

Eco-therapy sessions, 1-1 on Dartmoor.  We will work together using a nature-based map to find what needs your attention. You will receive support with self-generated ceremony and guidance for any initiatory process you are ready for. Contact me:  [email protected]

Upcoming events: Imbolc Medicine Walk & Council ~ A 3 day ceremony with council and solo time with the land for intention, healing and wholing: