Oneday Woodcraft

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Hamstead Marshall nr Newbury, Berkshire
Spoon carving days 

Spoon carving in green, fresh wood is a wonderfully satisfying craft – I’m sure you’ll enjoy using an axe and knives to shape the wood to release the spoon within.  On the course we’ll cover wood selection, understanding wood grain, design, tool use and safety with tools by different makers for you to try.

Everything is provided from tools and materials to a hearty lunch and refreshments.

There will be up to five students on each course. Students must be 16 or over.

The day starts at 9.30am with all the necessary introductions before selecting wood and using an axe and saw to start to shape your spoon.  We’ll move on to knife work and talk spoons as much as you like with a stop for lunch and later in the afternoon, cake!

The workshop is covered and heated by a wood stove but you’ll need to dress with the weather in mind.  Courses are held in and near the village of Hamstead Marshall nr Newbury, Berkshire.  Courses running in British Summer TIme are held in the wood land workshop and outside of BST in a local village hall.

About the Craftsman

My journey into green woodwork started after seeing a spoon being carved on a television program in the early 2000’s.  Whittling simple spoons led me onto a course to build a shave horse, then the pole lathe and committing to work without powered tools.

These last few years I have focused on spoon carving as well as turning treen and goblets. Since 2016 I’ve been learning to turn bowls on the pole lathe which was both an excellent and frustrating endeavor.  It’s a privilege to have been sharing my craft with others for over 6 years and courses are as popular as ever.  2018 holds the promise of being another busy year with larger events and more courses – as always, keeping busy!


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