Radford Mill Farm

Radford Mill Farm, Timsbury, BA2 0QF
Mill Lane Timsbury England BA2 GB

Radford Mill is a 112 acre farm managed organically since 1976. The Cam Brook runs down the middle of the farm, and so does the Somerset Coal Canal !  About 90% of the farm is grassland, and much of this is leased out to local farmers who use it for grazing or hay.

See our blog at: http://radfordmillfarmblog.blogspot.co.uk/

The Mill is at the eastern end of the farm and we are re-building and renovating it to generate electricity and for public functions. We host quite a few events during the year – weddings, parties, workshops and courses on a wide variety of subjects.  We have a market garden enterprise utilising six large polytunnels and about 5 acres of land, an orchard and a soft fruit field, so there are a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and salads, all certified organic, and produced here all year round.  2011 was our first season pressing apple juice on site in our new hand-built and hand-operated wooden press.  We also harvest hay and our willow withy beds are now home to over 3000 willow trees of 9 different varieties, for bio-fuel, hedging and fedging, purifying water and for weaving.  We actively propagate and plant out native hardwood trees every year. We also operate the Radford Mill Farm Shop, at 41 Picton Street, Bristol where much of our produce is sold.

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Currently we are focusing on renewable energy ideas – wind, water, heat from composting, and solar – and this goes along with a renewed awareness about minimising our consumption and exploitation of the environment, emphasising bio-diversity and avoiding waste throughout the farm.  Another focus (in our spare time) is restoring the Somerset Coal Canal to navigation – – all 10.6 miles of it.  We think this might take 10 or more years, but it is a wonderful heritage project. 

Over the last 35 years RMF has produced and hosted hundreds of events, from circuses to classical concerts, courses, mini-raves, creative festivals, camping parties, and workshops.  During that time we have produced beef, lamb and pork, turkeys at Christmas, lots of vegetables, apples, manufactured yoghurts, jams, chutneys and fruit juices.

We host large numbers of volunteers, mostly through the WWOOF organisation, whose help and enthusiasm  enliven our community and greatly assist with farm work. They take on all manner of tasks, a good deal of weeding, pruning, building projects and harvesting; we couldn’t manage without them!

Creating links with the local community is a strong focus of the farm that has developed as we sell our produce locally.  As we work with schools, conservation groups, local arts organisations and residential homes RMF has become a well known and vital part of the community.

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