Sapa Artisan Soaps

Milnthorpe, Cumbria, LA7 7DP, UK
78 Owlet Ash Fields Milnthorpe LA7 7DP GB

At Sapa Artisan Soaps we went in search of the very best blend of moisturising oils and butters.  We perfected our recipe over many months and hundreds of bars of soap. Our focus was on using the finest quality ingredients without cutting costs or corners.  What we have produced is a very long lasting, wonderfully rich and creamy soap with a gentle cleansing action. We combine this recipe with synergistic blends of essential oils using our extensive knowledge, experience and experimentation. We have also included a few exciting fragrance oils we discovered along the way. Each bar is then lovingly hand finished with beautiful designs.  All our soaps are cured for at least 4 weeks before they can be purchased to ensure peak condition.  We believe we have created one of the the finest bars of soap available.

Our handmade soap uses the traditional cold process method which naturally produces glycerin. Glycerin is highly prized in the cosmetics industry for it’s moisturising properties.  Factory produced “detergent bars” you see in the shops usually have the glycerine removed and sold to the cosmetic industry or used in other products and isn’t really soap.

All our ingredients are responsibly sourced in the UK. Our soaps don’t contain any “nasty” stuff (parabens, SLS etc.) and are suitable for vegetarians. We only use RSPO palm oil.  None of our products are tested on animals.  Only our friends.

All Sapa soap recipes have been assessed for safety by a qualified cosmetic chemist and have been submitted onto the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP) in line with the European Commission Regulations for the sale of cosmetic products in the UK and Europe.