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3 Yatesbury House Farm Cottages, Yatesbury, Calne, Wiltshire SN11 8YG

About Shumei Natural Agriculture Yatesbury

“Just like music or painting, farming is an art whose product touches your soul.” Miyoshi Nakamura, Natural Agriculture farmer and teacher, Japan

When we eat great tasting, healthy food we know this is true – but seldom do we think of farming in these terms. Shumei’s Natural Agriculture approach to farming places health, beauty and love at the core of its practices. When Nakamura himself was learning Natural Agriculture, he was taught “Love nature, love crops and love your community.”

Our Manager, Shinya Imahashi

Health starts with healthy soil. Natural Agriculture applies:

NO Chemicals, NO Pesticides, NO Fertilisers, or NO Animal manure.

Rather, through careful observation, growing crops that are suited to the local soil, and creating a balanced eco-system in which all elements co-exist, the soil is nurtured into a state of full health. Using seeds from the crops grown in this soil produces strong, vigorous plants which, over time, can withstand harmful insects, diseases and adverse weather conditions.

The overall result is life-affirming, health-enhancing vegetables which taste rich and full of goodness!

Come to our beautiful farm at Yatesbury and see for yourself! Veg boxes for £10 – or buy just the vegetables you want. Volunteer in exchange for some free veg!
We are offering 3 hands-on workshops in 2020. We look at –
the Importance of Soil; the Role of Composts; Seed-saving.
There will be a presentation/ farm tour/ fieldwork. Please book early as places are limited.

Dates:   One-day courses – dates for 2020 to be confirmed.

Find out more at or email [email protected] 

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