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CSA Open Day  at Well End, Hertfordshire 1st October 2016

Attendance by booking only. Please call Richard Higgins on 07983438171 or email [email protected] for more information.

Introduction To Permaculture Course 24th September 2016

Many people have attended this course with a view to setting up their own farms or communities in different countries of the world. They have been inspired by the innovative and low impact systems that we offer. The world has reached peak oil, peak phosphorus and potassium now we are facing a food disaster if we don’t start to recycle. While many people are leaving the land to join cities we are teaching how to live off the land sustainably so to avoid unrest and financial collapse.

We demonstrate how to live without the chemicals NPK and yet have abundance with comparatively very little work.

Come and see Permaculture in action. Ethics and principals talked about in informal setting with Richard Higgins who teaches this in Africa and Bermuda with wide screen videos. Some practical experience too. We are on an old part of the 120 acre High Canons Estate – informal walks through our mature woodland and forest edibles, over the stream to our 1 acre Micro-farm which home to our post and rail kitchen and cafe area.. See our new Bee hives. View our own design polytunnels with water catchment and rocket stoves that make biochar. Raised beds for water management and the HH -2 portable compost factory that permanently digests all wastes from the local cattery and our HH -3 compost toilets. Approaches from: People Care to Animal Care to Land Care. Permaculture is the future. Julie Felix is our Patron.

Teacher: Richard Higgins NDA., Co chair of WG05 Sanitation to Agriculture, (SuSanA)

£45 each – we need at least two

Contact Richard on 7983 439 171 for more information
Email: [email protected]

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We are in the Village of Well End, within the M25.
We will send full directions upon receipt of your booking.

 The course after this will be 29th October

Next Composting Course:

The Lost Art of Compost Toilets 28th September. To book this course please visit

The course after this, will be : 26th October

For further information please contact [email protected]

Growing for Nutrition

Welcome to  – the home of Good Gardeners International, The Well End CSA and Agroecology techniques. We are an off-grid micro farm and teaching centre in South Hertfordshire. We run courses for the public, farmers and gardeners on sustainable growing and how you will improve the soil by good water management and more intensive natural methods. We run courses.

Definition of SUSTAINABLE

1. capable of being sustained

2 a : of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged <sustainable techniques> <sustainable agriculture>

b : of or relating to a lifestyle involving the use of sustainable methods <sustainable society>

This system of farming and Gardening– The Howard-Higgins system is much easier for example than Biodynamic farming. It is scientific rather than esoteric and gives equally good results. We promote green, brown and black carbon farming read more….and low till and zero till soil management. Sir Albert Howard lived 1897-1947. His method of ‘black carbon farming’ was second to none and ‘sequesters three times more carbon than any above ground growth’ (Lawton/Liu). Chemical free Zero Till and Low Till management results in more nutrients being transferred from the soil into the root hairs of plants and therefore into the fodder for animals and food for humans. The fertility making work of Sir Albert Howard, whose work was the founding cause of the Soil Association, is explained within these pages. The work of Sir Albert is now all but forgotten and does not form any current part of the standard ‘organic’ farming we find today.

The HH-2 system, developed from Howard’s science on fertility making, creates top soil in 90 days. (John Innes Laboratory, Suffolk, England) and the Good Gardeners are now promoting this world-wide.

In Howard’s time many communities world-wide were consuming foods grown with his system from his system. They did not contract the diseases of the time like mumps, rubella, measles, whooping cough and even the common cold, without any inoculation. There were virtually no cases of birth defects, disability or degenerative diseases. These populations built up good immune systems. Today degenerative conditions are on the increase and this is due to poor food and poor water quality.

Ordering the HH-2 Horticultural System

We are working on a dedicated web site for promoting the HH-2 Superfast Composting system that generates HH-4 compost/fertiliser. The correct application of this material once yearly can guarantee virtually pest and disease free crop production on any soil type. Please read through this web site and email us for more details. See the testimonial section – for systems sold.

The problem with modern farming today is that there is no humus content in the soil. This is due to the concept that farming is all about yield rather than about productivity. ‘Humus the substratum of all that is living’ (King) is not even considered in mainstream agriculture today. Every square inch is about producing yield, that is sold to make a profit, rather than a portion of each agricultural/horticultural farm or holding being used to produce fertility for creating healthy micro organically active soil on that LAND; that in turn produces top qualityhealthy food. Geoff Lawton programme leader for the Permaculture project Greening the Desert has gone as far as to say: ‘if we don’t demonstrate these soil management issues properly we won’t have any future. The world will turn to dust.”

The agricultural systems developed by Howard were based on the Permanent Agriculture of the east. This is where the term Permaculture has derived from. The HH-2 system of horticulture and HH-1 system for agriculture have been formulated for modern day use by the author and founder of this web site, Richard Higgins.

Our demonstration Micro-farm at Well End, Hertfordshire is a living example of the Howard fertility making system and that of the ancient Chinese which has been rolled into one by Higgins for modern day use in all food growing climate zones. We are able to grow 2-3 crops a year on the same land without any fallow period in rotation. This land at the Micro-farm has not been previously cultivated for 35 years. The crops are all remarkably pest and disease free and grow to larger sizes than found in conventional or organic farming. We employ no chemicals whatsoever, nor use nets against butterfly pests. We also have no slug or snail pests. The HHS system of agriculture and horticulture is a grand addition to all forms of horticulture and agriculture because it is directly increasing the micro-biological diversity in all soil types. The zero till aspect of the Howard-Higgins System (HHS) is a fossil free system and the low till cultivation is effected with modern equipment gravitating back to animal traction. Both these systems of farming have great potential for developing countries who are increasingly restricted by the costs of fossil fuels, machinery and the cost of chemicals. We offer on farm consultancy for scale up with our Bio Fertile Farming Consultancy.

Another main factor in food production world-wide is phosphorus, without which food cannot be grown. Dr. Rosemarrin, Communications Director of the Swedish Environmental Institute comments most comprehensively on the depletion of the world’s phosphorus supplies for agriculture. We presented the HH-2 system of waste Management and fertilizer production to Dr. Rosemarrin and his department. He fully approved of our developed system.

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