The Beeman

Heatherlea Cottage, Corsock, Castle Douglas, Scotland, UK DG73DR
Unnamed Road DG7 3DR GB

I supply British / Scottish Honey Bees & Mated Queen Bees. I work very hard to produce healthy strong & gentle bees that build up strong in early spring produce a good honey crop and survive the winter. I do not use any harsh chemicals that weaken the bees own immune system but favour the use of organic essential oils and nature’s own medicine cabinet to treat the bees as a result we suffer very few winter losses as the bees are strong and healthy.

Training Courses

Our Modern & forward thinking beekeeping courses are run at our dedicated training room and apiary based in Corsock Scotland just over the border Nr Dumfries.

I offer a wide number of courses for the very beginner to the more advanced our beginners courses are said to be the best in the UK

Our Instrumental insemination course is the only course of its type outside of the USA.

I also give free lifetime support to all beekeepers I care about the health of bees so even if you’re not a customer you can still call anytime for help or advice.

The Queens
My Queens are all grafted at our Corsock base from our best breeder Queens and then taken to mating nucs throughout the area. They are left in the mating nucs for 14-21 days to develop a laying pattern before they are assessed and placed on the Website for sale. If any queen is found not to be up to our standard they are rejected I feel if they not good enough for one of my hives they not good enough for yours               .
Beekeeping Equipment
We do not sell equipment so we can advise the best places to buy from.For the best quality and price.

We give full lifetime beekeeping support to all our customers
even If your not a customer you can still give me a call for any support you need

When you buy  or come on one of our many courses your not on your own.
You can give me a call any time up till 11pm 7 days aweek for any advice or information you may need
Beekeeping Is easy but when things go wrong they can go really wrong and you can always get hold of me at home or on the mobile
I don`t mind anyone calling even if you have never been a customer I`m only too happy to help!
Your mobile phone can also be a big help you can take a photo of the issue your having and email or text it to me
this is often a great help sorting out problems for example queen cells ” What type are they?”
Swarm cells, emergency or supercedure cells.
A photo can speak a thousand words.