The Roundhouse Company

Runcorn, Cheshire
141 Bridge Street Runcorn England WA7 1BE GB

We build beautiful roundhouses, using natural materials and handcrafted finishes; more than just buildings our projects provide a platform form tailor-made educational workshops.

From outdoor classrooms and bird hides to art studios and guest accommodation….Inspired by the cyclical rhythms of nature, we make meaningful spaces that engage the mind, body and soul.

  • Roundhouses
  • Cob ovens and Seating
  • Timber Tipis
  • Workshops

Imagine a world without circles?  The earth, the moon, the sun, planets ……….. Nature moves in cycles

Curvilinear spaces create a particular flow of energy, one that reconnects us to the earth, contributing to an improved sense of well being. We are naturally drawn to this energy as it moves people on a deeper emotional level.

We are surrounded in nature by waves, spirals, circles. Curves aren’t just a matter of aesthetics or personal taste, according to neuroscientists it is hard-wired into the brain. There is a beauty and truth to their symmetry and proportion that creates harmonious spaces.

On entering a round space it feels like being embraced in a warm hug, nurturing a feeling of safety. They create a sense of inclusion and so provide a perfect place to share and tell stories, for holding ceremony, and for playing and creating.

As well as their obvious aesthetic appeal, curvilinear buildings not only enclose space more efficiently, thus reducing the size of the building and therefore the materials required, they are structurally stronger, have fantastic acoustic properties and are very energy efficient.


Why natural/sustainable materials?

Natural materials like cob, lime, stone, timber have a cyclical nature in that they can be reused again and again;
They give rather than take away;
They help create harmonious, health giving environments, bringing spaces to life………..

Here in the west, the industrial revolution marked a move to the use of more standardised products and materials which inevitably isolated us from our local environment, community and our own creativity. Ultimately we have been denied access to determine and shape our own buildings. Building with natural materials encourages us to look at minimising what we use and also look at using a combination of both reclaimed and un-processed materials.

Modern building methods are environmentally destructive and their impact on our environment is huge. The extraction, processing and transport of materials, the energy involved in their construction, maintaining the environments within them and the problems of recycling/disposal when they are destroyed creates a massive drain on our resources, pollutes our air and water and is ultimately unsustainable.

Buildings can either isolate and dislocate us from the natural systems with which we are interdependent or they can empower and educate us to achieve an harmonious balanced relationship within these systems. Therefore, if we as a culture wish to address with any credibility, issues of waste reduction, consumption and sustainability, we must develop a built environment which reflects and promotes these aims.







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