Holmesfield Park Wood, Fanshaw Gate Lane, Holmesfield S18 7WA Dronfield
Fanshaw Gate Lane England S18 7WA GB


With the world facing unprecedented threats to its very ecosystems, there has never been a better time to understand its importance and learn to live in harmony with it. At TRIBE we put Nature first and treat it with the utmost respect.


At TRIBE we do not shy away from people wanting to know more or admitting they do not know. Everybody has to start from somewhere and TRIBE is a place where we will nurture interest and provide the tools and knowledge needed to achieve the best.


The greatest memories are made from experiences. Here at TRIBE we want everyone to share in those experiences, which will last a lifetime. From children to teachers and staff, everyone will have something to gain.


With technology on the rise, we need more innovative and ingenious ways to grab peoples attention and at TRIBE having fun is what we do.