Two Circles Design

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Slindon, Arundel, UK
34 School Hill England BN18 GB

Mark and Rebecca Ford

created Two Circles Design in 2004 and work in the medium of found and grown natural materials within the South Down’s National Park, Sussex, making monumental woven environments for both public and private sectors.

Mark Antony Haden Ford graduated from a Sculpture degree in 1996 from Sunderland University. 

Rebecca Ford, an English and Creative writing graduate, grew up near Midhurst lying in puddles and climbing trees.

Both have a strong interest in the archaeology, geography and mystery of the natural world, drawing on ancient traditions and techniques of willow craft and woodland management. As international environmental artists, their surreal installations and ambiguous sculptures encompass a wide range of traditional skills and practices.

The woven artworks that directly engage with the environment as semi-permanent sculptures based on seeds and plant forms.

Having restored local ‘over-stood’ willow stools back into rotation for harvesting themselves, through to the physical demands of manipulating the material, Mark and Rebecca Ford’s work reflects a renewed interest in returning to a slower pace of life, to the art of making something that takes time and effort. The Sculptures final forms take time to evolve, the nature of the material dictating in part, the direction and shape. As the willow criss-crosses and interweaves, it creates fluid lines, drawings on a grand scale, a flowing story that stimulates and exhilarates the senses.