Underwood Crafts

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Wirksworth, Derbyshire, UK
37 Coldwell Street Wirksworth England DE4 4FB GB

Underwood Crafts is a one-man operation, based in Wirksworth, Derbyshire.

I make a variety of products from materials that are sourced locally from sustainably managed, coppiced, woodlands.

Underwood Roots

Most native English trees when cut back will produce shoots from the stump which eventually grows to produce a crop of poles. This process is known as coppicing and the coppice trees and their produce is known as underwood. 


Underwood Crafts began in 2000 and was initially focused on manufacturing and supplying Wattle Hurdles. Over the years the business has expanded to include the production of a wide range of coppice products and related services. From the rugged beauty of cleft fencing through to the more subtle and tactile willow a wide variety of traditional fencing can be produced and supplied  to cater for all partitions and boundaries.

Services and products are provided using traditional skills and techiniques learned over the years from both formal training as well as experience gained through practical application.