Westbrook Farm

Westbrook Farm Logo 2.jpg
Westbrook Farm, Elstead, Surrey, UK, GU8 6LH
4 Normanswood Manor Tilford GU10 2AX GB

Westbrook Farm is nestled between Hankley Common on one side and the River Wey across from a nature reserve on the other. This peaceful and unspoilt location close to the Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire border is designated an area outstanding natural beauty.
We are within 10 minutes drive of the A3 at Milford and only 45 minutes from Southwest London.

We operate a commercial worm breeding unit at Westbrook to supply worms for vermicomposting. Vermicomposting is a process in which worms are used to eat through organic waste. The purpose of this is to significantly reduce the volume of organic waste that is put into landfills in the UK. The process can cut the volume of such waste by up to 80% and what is left over after the worms have finished, worm-castings, is an extremely effective fertiliser.


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