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CA13 9WB
South Street Cockermouth England CA13 9RT GB

Established in 2001, Woodsmoke is internationally respected for its pioneering bushcraft courses and professional approach to teaching you classical wilderness survival skills. Our bushcraft courses and wilderness expeditions are set in spectacular landscapes, both at home in the heart of England’s Lake District National Park, and across environmental and climatic global extremes.

Guided by inspirational educators and wilderness guides, who have each spent significant time in wild places, our style is a 360 degree immersion in nature, enabling you to reach into the natural world and truly begin to master the full spectrum of traditional practices, hands-on skills and theoretical knowledge that is required to develop your ability to both inhabit and traverse natural landscapes, in a self-sufficient and environmentally considered way.

Our courses, workshops and expeditions span a range of specialist knowledge and skill-sets, from plantlore, foraging, wilderness/ expedition cooking, wildlife tracking and trailing and axe use, through to traditional winter, jungle, desert, riverine and coastal travel, using traditional techniques, modes of transportation and the insights provided by indigenous elders. Carefully designed for maximising the transferal of skill and knowledge, these courses are ideal opportunities for you to gain intensive professional tuition of highly applicable wilderness skills.