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Posted Nov 16 2015 by Dave Darby of

Here is a quiz developed by the wonderful Transnational Institute to test your knowledge of TTIP.

The quiz is intended to increase everyone’s critical knowledge of TTIP, and especially ISDS. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) has gained considerable attention last year. The Investor to State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) has emerged as the most contentious part of the free trade agreement.

There are currently 3200 investment treaties in the world. An important part of many of these investment agreements is a contentious mechanism by which companies can sue governments in private tribunals outside the regular court system. This is referred to as the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS). The ISDS lawsuits lead to a heated public debate, especially in the context of negotiations on TTIP and CETA (Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement).

Why would foreign companies have exclusive access to private courts outside the national court? Who benefits from making social and environmental laws inferior to the interests of the market? Players of the quiz test and improve their knowledge of ISDS and TTIP by answering ten random questions. It can be played at beginner and advanced level.

Sharing is caring! Play the quiz and share it on your website or on social media. You’re free to use the banner, url and pictures in the context of this quiz.

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