Chapter 1 – Money: what it is, where it comes from, its origins and history

Part 1: Why? (philosophy): The need for a new kind of economy

1. Money

  • What is money?
  • Origins and history of money
  • Foundation of the Bank of England
  • The last 150 years
  • Where money comes from now
  • The relationship between banks and the state
  • The fictional nature of economics


Brett Scott on the future of money, Part 1. Transcript.

And Part 2. Transcript

Brett Scott: Altered States of Monetary Consciousness – Brett’s excellent explanations of how the money system works. Plus he’s working on ‘unboxing’ attempts to create new kinds of monetary systems.

Tim Jenkin: What is money and do we really need it?

Positive Money: series of videos on how money is created.

Bank of England: confirming where money comes from.


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