Chapter 4 – Mutuality: how mutual credit works; benefits; history

4. Mutuality

  • How mutual credit works
  • Is it money?
  • Benefits
  • History of mutual credit
  • LETS and timebanks
  • Existing mutual credit networks

Tim Jenkin, Dil Green, Matthew Slater on building an alternative to the current money system. Transcript

Tom Greco on why the future of money is mutual credit not Bitcoin. Transcript

Dil Green: the Money & Society MOOC and my subsequent adventures in mutual credit.

Mercedes Bidart on mutual credit in Colombia. Transcript

Laurence Anderson on mutual credit in Australia. Transcript

Matthew Slater: the Mutual Credit Society.

Sardex: mutual credit network trading 50 million euros worth of trade annually in Sardinia.

Michael Linton, founder of LETSystems and now of Open Money: LETS origins and what happened next. Transcript

Sue Bell of Mutual Credit Services: What happened to LETS systems? Transcript

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