Chapter 6 – Clubs: setting up and running clubs, trade credits, taxes, storing value

Part 3: What? (practice): Building the new economy

6. Clubs

  • The Covid effect
  • Forming clubs
  • How do they work?
  • Trade credit clubs
  • Storing value: saving and investment in a mutual credit world


Dil Green on mutual credit clubs. Transcript

Chris Cook on storing value in a mutual credit world. Transcript

  • Dave Darby: Article on how Slovenia operates a national trade credit club, and how research provides evidence that credit clearing and mutual credit can help small businesses to reduce their need for hard currency by 50%
  • Here’s the research paper mentioned in the article above, by Tomaž Fleischman of Slovenian software company Be Solutions, together with Paolo Dini of the LSE and Guiseppe Littera of Sardex
  • Dil Green: 2 Planks – and a Bridge – to the new economy. Explains how exchange and store of value are implemented in the new economy.
  • Chris Cook: Energising Scotland – introducing the Eco.
  • Chris Cook: Caring for Scotland.


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