How to set up a housing co-op (UK)

Here are our suggestions:

First read our topic introduction.

Then this introduction to starting a housing co-op, from Radical Routes.

Then the documents on this page, from Somerset Co-operative Services.

And then you’re ready to read…

this detailed guide to starting a housing co-op, from Radical Routes.

Then find yourself a gang you’d like to set up a co-op with, contact Catalyst Collective¬†or Somerset Co-operative Services or another housing co-op support organisation of your choice, and tell them you’re ready to talk about model rules and registration.

Then, with the help of your chosen support organisation, develop your rules, register your co-op and open a building society account.

Issue loan stock to members with money, and put the loaned money into your building society account.

Find a property, work out how much more money you need to borrow, and, still with the help of your co-op support organisation, approach a mutual / ethical mortgage provider for the rest.

Good luck!

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