Lime slurry

Lime slurry can be applied to a wall to present a uniform surface to further coats of lime wash. Lime slurr is great – it’s wonderful for covering damaged or crumbling bricks, and even concrete, gloss paint, and anything else that would present a difficult surface for plaster or limewash. It’s not absolutely necessary on good brick surfaces, but the texture can look beautiful.

Slurry follows the line of bricks or stones – it looks nice, offers good protection, and covers everything.

Mix one part lime putty with one part sharp sand.

Mix in a bucket – a plasterer’s wheel in a drill is indispensible.

pic: Mike Wye

Brush the walls with a stiff brush first, to remove any loose material, then spray with water.

Work the slurry into the wall with an old paint brush.

On hard bricks, slurry won’t stick so well. You need a glue – add skimmed milk (casein – this also improves breathability).

Don’t add casein if walls are damp, or if the room will get hot, as it could smell.

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