How to register a company limited by guarantee

First make sure that a company by guarantee is what you need. If you’re thinking about it, you’re probably looking to set up some sort of social enterprise. See here for the different options you have.

A company limited by guarantee doesn’t usually have shareholders, but the members guarantee to cover some of the liabilities if the company is wound up. More here.

Limited  by Guarantee companies cannot currently register online, you must instead complete form IN01- ensuring you tick the correct legal structure box – and send it to companies house.

To register costs £40.

You will complete section 4 which is the statement of guarantee (rather than the statement of capital section, which refers to shares).

The link below includes a printable IN01 Form.

The address to send the application for companies registered in England and Wales:

The Registrar of Companies,

Companies House,

Crown Way, Cardiff, Wales, CF14 3UZ.

DX 33050 Cardiff.


Contact details:


Tel: 0303 1234 500

E-mail: [email protected]


Log output: