It’s not possible to demonise people any more, in the age of the internet

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Posted May 23 2014 by Dave Darby of
Dangerous Islamic terrorist plotting an attack on the West.

Western populations have to kept in a state of fear, so that weapons corporations can continue to make huge profits. People of America – this is your latest enemy:

Do you really want to demonise, invade or bomb these people? In the age of the internet, it becomes much, much more difficult to persuade the population that ‘other’ people eat babies.

Power always gets concentrated. And where it gets concentrated is in the hands of the people with the ability to inflict the most violence. That used to be the case in clans, tribes, then nations, then empires; and now it’s global.

The ability to inflict the most violence rests with the US military. The US military is more powerful than the rest of the world combined. The US president is nominally the commander-in-chief of US forces, but anyone who wants to be president has to obtain billions of dollars of sponsorship from banks and corporations, plus the support of the corporate media for themselves and for their party. If you are anti-corporate you don’t have the slightest chance of becoming president.

If the people at the top of banks and corporations want to keep their power, they have to retain control of the US military through the president, and the US has to continue to spend more money on the military than the rest of the world put together. So they have to keep their population in a state of fear.

Don’t vote for a corporate president (which rules out the Democrats and the Republicans), and don’t join the corporate military – you won’t be used for defence, you’ll be used to ensure that the world’s most powerful people maintain their power.

Let’s start talking about ways to take power from them, rather than helping them keep it.