Coastal foraging links

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Getting started top ten coastal wild foods
Guardian article on coastal foraging
Love Food getting started on mussel foraging
Marine Conservation find good clean beaches near you
Original Outdoors top ten coastal foraging books you might need
RNLI beginners guide to seaweed foraging


Canadian Food Inspection Agency detailed information on shellfish poisoning
Cornwall Good Seafood Guide comprehensive list of all you might find off the (not exclusively) SouthWest coast of Britain
Fish Site health benefits of eating shellfish
Pioneer Bushcraft comprehensive guide on foraging for molluscs


Africa Geographic interesting facts about seaweeds and their uses
Cornwall Good Seafood Guide seaweed harvesting code of conduct
The Seaweed Site general information on all aspects of seaweeds
Wikipedia wikipedia entry on seaweed


Guardian article on shellfish poisoning and risks
Plymouth Herald article about venomous weever fish and safety


Craig Evans youtube channel –  foraging on the Welsh coast
Youtube gentle introduction to seaweed harvesting
Youtube video about harvesting samphire
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